James Fitton, Clown and Chair

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Ian Mood, Furlong Mills

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Ian Mood, Industrial Landscape, Eturia

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Ian Mood, Washing Line

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Ian Mood, King Street, Longton Longbridge I

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Ian Mood, Enson Works and St James Church, Longton

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Roger Hampson, Victory Mill, Bolton

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Victory is one of the oldest areas in Halliwell, Bolton – about one mile from Bolton Town Hall – and is an area that Hampson painted many times. Almost the entire area of Victory was taken up by streets of terraced housing, surrounded by the huge Atlas Mills complex, consisting of 8 mills originally owned […]

Ghislaine Howard, Plasterers

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Ian Mood, Untitled II

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Harry Rutherford, PZ331

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Number 123 in the Harry Rutherford Catalogue of works. PZ331 was a fishing trawler based in Newlyn harbour built in 1945 (part of the Stephensons of Newlyn fleet before it was decommissioned). This painting was made during Rutherford’s time in Newlyn in the 1960s. An interesting point about the boat – PZ331 was destined for […]

Steve Capper, Northern Hills

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Roger Hampson, Atlas Mills, Bolton

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Atlas Mills in Bolton were, their heyday, one of the largest concentrations of cotton spinning capacity on one site in the country, with over 400,000 spindles in use and some 2,000 people employed across 8 mills owned by the Musgrave Spinning Company. Musgrave had collapsed by 1926, and the area went into decline over many […]

David J Porter, Hilltop Cottage

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David J Porter, Windy Ridge

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Peter Stanaway, Ruby Tuesday

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Bob Richardson, Home Time

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John Bellany, Black Pudding Supper

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Theodore Major, Still Life with Orange and Red Fruits

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