The Northern School: A Reappraisal

Martin Regan, 2016
The Northern School: A Reappraisal
Publisher: Gateway Gallery
Pages: 119
isbn-13: 978-1527203204
£ 19.99

The first attempt to define the Northern School, and explain that far from being comprised of Lowry copyists, it was a coherent school depicting the changes wrought in the North-West by the collapse of Lancashire's heavy industries and the impact of two World Wars. The School was about more than simply preserving a lost landscape, it was an artistic celebration of a people facing and adapting to the consequences of irreversible global change. It was a school that mourned the past and yet looked to the future, tentative but confident and willing to use the tools supplied by its major influences, most notably Edgar Degas, Walter Sickert and L S Lowry. The Northern School has become one of the most commercially successful art movements in the UK, and the book explains its origins, influences and possible future. This was a school inter-connected with the main movements in Modern British and European Art and the book examines the work of its greatest pupils in this context.