William Ralph Turner, Strike Meeting


This painting depicts the Roberts Arundel strike in Stockport which lasted for most of 1967 and resulted in more than 40,000 other engineering workers in the area coming out in protest. The Morning Star described the strike as “one if the biggest strikes in the history of the trade union movement”. It resulted in a pyrrhic victory for organised labour – the factory collapsed into bankruptcy late in the year. The 50th anniversary of the strike was commemorated extensively in Stockport in 2017. There are various articles on the strike available on the internet, for example: http://labourbriefing.squarespace.com/home/2016/11/27/robert-arundel-strike-50-years-on. The strike was also the subject of a book “The Million Pound Strike” by Jim Arnison.
Previously exhibited at the Tib Lane Gallery
We have created a short video explaining the story of this painting, and how to read it, on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTQjkOh6hLc


Title: Strike Meeting
Artist: William Ralph Turner
Medium: oil on board
Height: 16
Width: 12 3/4 inches
Signature: signed
Year: 1968