Dawson, Robert

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Robert Dawson

1926 – 1997

Robert Dawson was a reclusive Staffordshire painter whose body of work attracted glowing phrase from painters such as Sir Kyffin Williams.
He was influenced also by the works of Sheila Fell, Josef Herman and Joan Eardley, and made a point when he could of visiting places where some of these artists he admired had painted
During his career, Dawson exhibited in a variety of mixed exhibitions and one-man shows including at The Thackeray Gallery, London and at the Royal Cambrian Academy.
In 1973 he won the Holbrook Prize at Nottingham Castle Museum, when Richard Eurich headed the selection committee, and again in 1974 when Edward Bawden was the chairman.
When Dawson died his studio and workrooms were packed with paintings, many of them unfinished, untitled and undated. The best of them were impressive in their scale, their vigour and the involvement with the landscape subjects he chose to depict.
Sir Kyffin Williams had no doubts about Dawson’s importance, writing: ” Because he painted what he loved he was able to communicate that love to others. For this reason, I believe, his work will always be appreciated long after so much of the facile creations produced today have been forgotten.”