Bradley, Frank

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Frank Bradley

1903 – 1995

It’s always interesting to see how talented artists fall into obscurity. Bradley was a close friend of Lowry, studied under Stanhope Forbes at the Newlyn School of Art, as well as at Manchester School of Art. Part of the reason perhaps that he fell into obscurity was that he stopped full-time painting to become an architect with the Manchester Corporation. However, at his peak he was an artist with a fine reputation. One of his pictures in the Gallery of the now demolished Bankwood Mill in Charlesworth (Derbyshire) had a price tag of £133.0.0 when it was painted just after the end of the second world war – the equivalent of c£5,000 today. Please let us know if you have any information on the artist, we own a small number of his pictures and would like to learn more about his life and work.