Delaney, Arthur

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Arthur Delaney

1927 – 1987

Arthur McEvoy Delaney was born in Manchester and is arguably the best of those who followed the lead given by Lowry in depicting scenes of urban Manchester, though he tended to concentrate on the city as it was in the 1930s and 1940s.

At 13 he joined a textile design studio in Manchester where he worked for the next 32 years. He married his childhood sweetheart, Joan Campion, in 1967 and they had four children. He started to paint as a means of relaxation. There were two great influences in his life that were to affect his own development as a painter. One was the work of L. S. Lowry and the other was the memories of the happy years he spent as a boy in the Manchester of the 1930s with its smoke-laden skies, rattling tramcars and gas lamps.

Lowry’s work made him aware of the many special qualities of the north and soon he began producing street scenes and industrial landscapes. His paintings were not stylised but a true likeness to their location. He set out to capture the atmosphere of the 1930s and all of his paintings capture the nostalgia of the period.

He had numerous exhibition in Manchester and exhibited at the Royal Academy. His paintings have proved enduringly popular with collectors.