Michael Ashcroft (1969 - ) paints landscapes and cityscapes of the North West which capture light and dark in its purest form. A member of MAFA, he has exhibited widely including Mall Galleries London, The Royal Academy and The Whitaker in Southport. 


Ned Owens (1918 - 1990) attended his local art school in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the 1930’s and attained a scholarship to study art at Durham. With his first wife, Margo Ingham, he owned and launched the Mid-Day studios in autumn 1946: a ‘Salon des Refuses’ opposite the Manchester City Art Gallery, which was known as a hub of the Manchester art scene of the late 1940’s. Owens received high critical acclaim and was described, along with Theodore Major as ‘Manchester’s new star proteges’. His work in public collections can be viewed at https://artuk.org/discover/artists/owens-ned-19181990


Hal Yates (1907 - 1979) was born in Manchester. A wealthy seed merchant who studied at Acomb Street classes run by MAFA, he became an important member of The Manchester Group. He's known for his watercolour landscapes.