A Whaley Bridge man went from rags to riches and back again before gaining international recognition as a travel photographer.


A few years ago, Peter found himself driving a taxi to make ends meet after being declared bankrupt and having to sell all of his possessions - including his cameras.


Throughout the 90s, Peter had lived in large amongst the capital's A List. As official studio photographer for both The Big Breakfast and the first series of Big Brother, Peter locked eyes through his lens with stars including Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and Samuel L Jackson. Aitchison also worked on the Royal Rota for a period. 


But after a move to Glossop in 2001, a series of misfortunes turned his life upside down. A job offer at Granada TV came to nothing after a wave of cut backs, a lump in his neck turned out to be cancer and his wife was made redundant after 20 years in the same job.


Struggling with the sickness caused by the chemotherapy, Peter worked as a taxi driver to help make ends meet.


However, his fortunes turned again when he was hit by a van whilst driving his car. With some of the compensation he received for his severe whiplash, Peter bought a camera again.


And after a stint as a wedding photographer, a trip to Amsterdam in 2011 opened Peter's eyes to the possibilities of travel photography. For the first time in his life he was taking photographs that he wanted to take not what he was being told to take. This does however take confidence, the sort that you build up over years of practice. 


"I'd never really taken pictures of what I wanted before," he said. "My TV work was all about getting the shot that would make the papers the next day.


"Despite having worked over 30 years in the industry, I felt like I was discovering photography for the first time."


Recent trips have included India, Myanmar, Cuba, America and Turkey. And recently Peter has been practicing his art closer to home, producing a series of distinctive images of Manchester.


Peter's inspirations are people and their surroundings; exploring their countries and what it means to live in that culture. The two things that matter to him most with regards to his work are composition and light.