Moira Beaty was born in Prestwick, Ayrshire and won a scholarship to the Glasgow School of Art, where she enrolled as a student in 1939. She enjoyed a lifetime of painting and exhibiting before passing away in 2015.


Only later in her life did she talk about her wartime experiences at Bletchley Park, helping decrypt German signals as part of the Enigma project, where she was the only woman in the group of mathematicians, musicians, linguists and scientists working on the main Western Europe signals.


After the war, and following the birth of her daughter Ann, many of Moira's paintings were of young children, her garden flowers, the rural community and the rolling Border landscape. Asked about her subject matter she replied, "I just paint my life."


Moira exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy, Royal Glasgow Institute and Scottish Society of Women Artists (to which she was elected as a professional member in 1974). Her final year was a triumph, as she had a sell-out retrospective exhibition in the Harbour Gallery in Kirkcudbright and was represented in the town's major summer exhibition, entitled "Glasgow Girls 1920-60".