Brian Bradshaw was a  Lancashire born artist who was a renowned North-West painter, but who made his biggest impact in his significant influence on the art of South Africa. 


Bradshaw had a successful art career in the UK and the first of his many solo exhibitions was held at Salford City Art Gallery in 1953.  His paintings are also in the public collections of Bolton Museum & Art Gallery, Bangor University, the Manchester Art Gallery, the Whitworth Art Gallery and the Walker Art Gallery.


In 1955 Bradshaw was appointed Vice Chairman of the British Parliamentary Committee on Art Education and continued in this post until 1960 when he was invited to South Africa to take the Chair of Fine Arts at Rhodes University.


Bradshaw is credited with the establishment of the Grahamstown Group, comprising students and former students who developed a genre of painting rooted in the Eastern Cape and predominantly pre-occupied with the particular landscape of the region.   Bradshaw had a significant influence on many South African artists who passed through his department and his own work reflects a vision of the South African landscape which is unique in style and content.         


After Bradshaw's death in 2016, the contents of his studio comprise the archive of the Brian Bradshaw Foundation housed at the Martin Melck House in Cape Town where his legacy, art and influence can be preserved, studied and exhibited.