Embracing Manchester, Ghislaine Howard,  2018, Manchester Metropolitan University

Drawn to Paper, Michael Howard, 2017, Manchester Metropolitan University in association with Art Decor Gallery

The Human Touch: Ghislaine Howard: Paintings, Drawings and Prints (1980-2016), 2017, Michael Howard, Manchester Metropolitan University in association with Martin Heaps

The Northern School: A Reappraisal, 2016, Martin Regan 

The Circus Animals' Desertion; Paintings, Drawings and Prints by Ghislaine Howard in Response to the Poetry of W B Yeats, 2010, Ghislaine Howard, Michael Howard, Birr Vintage Week and Arts Festival

Stations of the Cross: The Captive Figure , 2000 by Joan Crossley, Shannon Ledbetter and Michael Howard, Liverpool Hope Press 2000