Roger Hampson, Farnworth Mill


Farnworth, a few miles South-East of Bolton, was in many ways at the epicentre of the industrial revolution in the UK. The town expanded rapidly in the 18th and 19th Century around the coal industry. It was also the birthplace of Thomas Crompton, who when he died in 1858 was dubbed “the founder of Farnworth”, invented a process for the continuous drying of paper which revolutionised the industry, and Farnworth Bridge Mill became one of the largest paper mills in the country.

Farnworth also had a number of cotton mills, centred on the Moses Gate area. Hampson’s painting seems to be of Bolton Textile Mill No1, built in approximately 1900 on the corner of Lorne Street and Campbell Street. It fell into disuse in the 1950s and was demolished in approximately 1980, along with the terraced housing seen in the painting, and the site redeveloped into a housing estate. The Grade II listed Horrockses Mill, still stands opposite the site, and its sister Mill, Bolton Textile Mill No2 is also still in existence between Cawdor Street and Emlyn Street.

The complex can be seen on the excellent Britain from Above website (, with Hampson’s No1 mill in the top right of the picture.


Title: Farnworth Mill
Artist: Roger Hampson
Medium: oil on board
Height: 9
Width: 6 inches
Price: £1,250